Black Luxe Hair Collection

Manifestation is simply the creation of something real from your imaginations and dreams. Thus, it makes perfect sense that our founder and CEO, Tamara McDuffie, had no choice but to become the stylist and mogul she dreamed of since she was a child. At the age of 13, she was experimenting with styles and designs on the hair of family and friends. It was not until she wowed her family with a fresh set of finger waves that she knew she was called to the world of hair. Mesmerized with their reaction to her work, she could not stop. Experiencing product fatigue and seeing an absence of haircare products that matched her hair’s needs, she also knew one day she would create products that were inclusive of all hair. Even at a young age, she was determined to one day leave her imprint on the world of haircare. In 2010, she graduated from hair school. Like many visionaries, she, too has stories of straying from her dreams. Throughout her professional life, she dabbled in nonprofit and government work, but never gave up on owning her own business. Finally, unable to ignore her calling any longer, in 2017, she launched Isabel J Haircare. Created in the memory and legacy of her late grandmother, Tamara offered extensions, tools, and haircare products to everyone for the maintenance, management, and health of their hair. Committed to the perfection of her services and products, she revamped, reformulated, and condensed her products to simplify the process known as luxury haircare. In 2020, Black Luxe Hair Co. was birthed. By offering comprehensive haircare products, tools, and hair, Tamara promises to streamline shopping for haircare needs, making it easy for clients to get everything they need from one space. From wigs, extensions, hot combs, and our elite line of Black Luxe haircare products, we have created it all. We believe luxury should not be limited to hair type. Our products can be used on natural, relaxed, color treated hair…AND extensions! Browse our site today and give your hair the luxury it deserves!